Natural Blood Thinners

Many natural products have blood thinning properties. Indeed, many prescription drug blood thinners are derived from nature. If you are taking a prescription blood thinner, you should avoid natural blood thinners. However, if you are not taking a prescription blood thinner and want to reduce your risk of dangerous blood clots, natural blood thinners are an excellent option.


Before taking any natural blood thinners, ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible interactions that may occur between natural blood thinners and other medications you take. Nutrients that help to prevent or dissolve blood clots can be found in many foods. The most advanced natural blood thinners are enzymes, such as Nattokinase, which can act directly on existing blood clots and clot-forming proteins in the blood such as fibrin.



Editor’s breakdown of the top 7 Natural Blood Thinners:




Mechanism of action

Tested Rating


Fibrin Lysing (dissolves fibrin)

54,000 FU*


Fibrin Lysing (dissolves fibrin)

19,241 FU*


Fibrin Lysing (dissolves fibrin)

6,209 FU*


Fibrin Lysing (dissolves fibrin)

5,000 FU*

Nattokinase  NSK®

Fibrin Lysing (dissolves fibrin)

2,000 F


Fibrin Lysing (dissolves fibrin)

3,600 FU*

Vitamin E

Blood Cell Lubrication



*FU = Fibrinolytic Units (measurement of fibrin eating power)


Of the top 7 natural blood thinners our editors have chosen Neprinol for the #1 spot, for its surprisingly strong fibrinolytic activity.   Neprinol is roughly the same retail cost as Vitalzym, with almost 3 times the fibrinolytic strength.  Our editors #2 choice is Nattobiotic, an enzyme formulated from Nattokinase.  Although this product is weaker by comparison, it is extremely cost effective, and has several other benefits above and beyond its blood thinning properties.  The Nattokinase enzyme is a natural blood thinner as well as an excellent anti-inflammatory.  Serrapeptase also has the amazing ability to remove arterial plaque buildup in arteries making it a great choice for patients that are at risk of cardiac events. 


Natural blood thinning enzymes such as Neprinol are the best natural blood thinners available because they are extremely effective and devoid of any side effects. Typical blood thinners make blood cells less likely to clot, but the volume and viscosity of blood remains the same. Only enzymes truly thin the blood, by actually removing larger components and contaminants and breaking down fibrin into nutrients.

Neprinol, a natural blood thinner, contains a blend of enzymes that act directly on fibrin proteins that form clots to slow down their production and speed up their removal from the body. (*1)


Other natural blood thinners can be found in a wide array of foods and herbs. The most common natural blood thinners include: Compounds related to salicylates (aspirin). Unlike enzymes these products also have side effects when taken in extremely large quantities. 

  • Vitamin E
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Natural antibiotics
  • Alcohol

Many of these natural blood thinners are also natural treatments for high blood pressure. Diet changes that can thin the blood and lower high blood pressure are discussed in more detail in the Blood Thinning Diet section.

 (*1) Meletis CD, Barker JE. Therapeutic enzymes: using the body’s helpers as healers.  2005;74-77.