Names of Blood Thinners


There are many different types of blood thinners. Multiple Names of Blood Thinners can often apply to the same drug. For example, Coumadin is the brand name for warfarin, and Clexane and Lovenox are two different brand Names of Blood Thinners for one type of heparin drug. Some of the most common blood thinners are listed below. Both the brand names and generic Names of Blood Thinners are included.



Drug category Brand Names of Blood Thinners Chemical Names of Blood Thinners
Vitamin K antagonists Coumadin Warfarin
Dicumarol Dicumarol
Miradon Anisinidione
Heparin (carbohydrate) drugs Clexane, Lovenox Enoxaparin
Hep-Lock, Hep-Pak Heparin
Fragmin Dalteparin
Arixtra Fondaparinux
Orgaran Danaparoid
Innohep Tinzaparin
Thrombin (enzyme) inhibitors Argatroban Argatroban
Refludan Lepirudin
Angiomax, Angiox Bivalirudin
Pradaxa Dabigatran
Salicylate Aspirin Acetylsalicylic acid
P2Y (platelet receptor) inhibitor Plavix Clopidogrel bisulphate
Thromboxane (specialized small molecule) inhibitor Persantine Aggrenox Dipyramidole Aspirin dipyramidole


Most people have never heard the names of blood thinners before. Coumadin, which is at the top of the above list of names of blood thinners, is one of the most widely prescribed blood thinners. Coumadin blocks the action of vitamin K, which is an important clotting agent responsible for the formation of blood clots. Since vitamin K is also essential to other bodily function, interfering with it can cause serious side effects.   Some other common names of blood thinners are the heparins Clexane, Lovenox and Arixtra. They are a family of carbohydrates (starch) that make blood less likely to clot and they also assist in the removal of existing blood clots. Heparin blood thinners can be taken directly from the blood of animals, and processed to isolate only specific members of the heparin family (as in Clexane or Lovenox), or made in a laboratory to imitate the action of natural heparins (such as Arixtra). If you are not familiar with the most common names of blood thinners, you probably at least aware of aspirin. Aspirin is widely prescribed to people who have experienced a heart attack or stroke to prevent subsequent cardiac events. The names of blood thinners that combine aspirin with another blood thinning drugs for even stronger preventative effects are Aggrenox or aspirin with dipyramidole. The Names of Blood Thinners that target thrombin, an enzyme that plays several important roles in blood clot formation, are Argatroban, Refludan, Angiomax, Angiox and Pradaxa. The Names of Blood Thinners that target thromboxane, a type of fat molecule that is also critical to clot formation, are Persantine and Aggrenox. The Names of Blood Thinners that target P2Y receptors, which signal platelets to clot, are Plavix and Clopidogrel bisulphate. The Names of Blood Thinners new on the market that aim to have fewer harmful side effects and interactions compared to warfarin and heparin are Pradaxa or Dabigatran. These direct inhibitors of thrombin in particular may be advantageous over traditional warfarin and heparin drugs in critically-ill patients.1 


[1] Schaden E, Kozek-Langenecker SA. Direct thrombin inhibitors: pharmacology and application in intensive care medicine. Intensive Care Med. 2010; 1127-1137.