Natural Blood Thinners

Neprinol is one of the only supplements that can be taken daily to prevent thrombi (blood clots). Many Neprinol users are unaware that this anti-inflammatory enzyme supplement is also an excellent natural blood thinner. Neprinol contains blood thinning enzymes that make this natural enzyme safe and effective. Plasmin is a natural blood thinner produced by the liver and found in the bloodstream. It's responsible for removing unwanted proteins including blood clots from the blood. Plasmin also helps maintain normal blood solvency. An overabundance of fibrin in the body can hinder the production of plasmin and cause an imbalance in the body's natural ability to maintain healthy blood viscosity.

Neprinol contains enzymes that are clinically proven to enhance the production of plasmin and assist in the removal of dangerous protein buildup. Neprinol is a natural blood thinner with the ability to break down large amounts of fibrin and prevent blood clots. Neprinol works with and enhances the body's natural defense against the health conditions caused by excess fibrin. A daily dosage of the supplement Neprinol can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism.


How it works as a natural blood thinner


Neprinol’s enzyme dissolve blood clots and fibrin, in the same way digestive enzymes degrade food. Fibrinolytic enzymes, like those in Neprinol, break apart protein bonds that form protein molecules.  A typical blood thinner only makes blood less likely to clot, by either lubricating the blood cells, or rejecting vitamin K, and important clotting nutrient. Neprinol break down and completely eliminates excess fibrin from the bloodstream.

The Enzyme components of Neprinol:


Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that is clinically proven to destroy fibrin and free radicals in the bloodstream. It has been proven as a natural blood thinner that supports healthy fibrin concentrations




The enzyme Nattokinase is also found in Neprinol. Nattokinase supports cardiovascular and immune system health, as well as having the ability to break down fibrin. Its antioxidant effects are beneficial to the elimination of free radicals and unwanted toxins in the bloodstream.


Blood Thinning Cautions

Neprinol can be taken up to four times a day as a supplement and natural blood thinner. If you are currently taking blood thinning medication, you may want to consult your doctor before beginning a Neprinol regimen. Patients who are currently taking blood thinning medications or have begun taking Neprinol as a daily supplement may want to adjust their diet to avoid foods that are natural blood thinners. Food such as garlic, dried fruit, fish oil or onion can work in the bloodstream as a natural blood thinner. Blood that is too thin may have a difficult time clotting if you are injured and losing blood. Internal bleeding and other complications are also a risk factor if blood thinning medications, supplements and foods are not managed in reasonable dosages.

Fibrin is a protein found in the body; it is responsible for clotting the blood and creating scar tissue. Excess buildup of fibrin can make it difficult for blood to pass through vessels and organs. Blood can clot and cause harmful health conditions including stroke and heart attack. Neprinol is the only natural blood thinner that can safely break down and remove excess fibrin in the bloodstream.